Ironhack Prework Challenge 2

Valeria Costantini
3 min readMar 8, 2021

Wireframing JustEat

My second challenge at Ironhack was has been to ‘reverse engineer’ the one popular app Interaction Design and User Flow. I decided to choose a very popular app in Italy called JustEat.


The screens show the user flow I decide to focus on and its phases, which are:
- With the current(or last) location saved in the search bar, scroll the several restaurants open in the area
- Choose a restaurant and look at its own profile
- Choose one of the “suggested food” and add it to the order/bag
- Try to get the order done. I say try because in this particular case I couldn’t finish the order since I didn’t had reached the minimum amount for delivery.


I used Figma to paint my wireframes and user flow. I tried to use the Wireframe Kit shared by Ironhack School but I found it pretty poor for my screens and so I used other free kits made by UX/UI designers since I don’t have one of my own yet. I try to made it clear and simple just emphasizing those elements which where crucial for understanding the user’s path towards the first step of purchasing process.

I also decided to keep all the wireframes in grey and only make blue the warning elements and those elements that required the user to do an action (CTAs).

I decided to work on this app since I’m a usual. You can see from the very first screen that JustEat is a master in making the user to feel at ease, in fact before listing all the options of food and products you can order, the app shows you your last deliveries and recommends you most popular cuisines.

In the second step of the user flow, the app shows to the client a list of available restaurants by location and only if the need to they can additionally filter their research by tapping the icons on the right top of the screen. The users can opt for an open research, a multilple filtered one or they can choose to hierarchically sort the resultsu under several categories.

Compared to other online food order and delivery service, JustEat ask you to choose between delivery or take away order only at the end of the procedure, just before asking for payment method and personal information (address, cellphone number etc.). In the last phase of the user flow I analyzed, JustEat suggests the user, again, to add interesting products to his order in two separate segments. One dedicated to other meals, with a list of CTAs with the Plus element in blue, and then by asking the user “Are you thirsty?” and showing him a series of drinks inside a carrousel.

What do you think about this feature? Is it too intrusive or do you find it helpful and interactive?



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